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170cm Japanese Life Like Lovely D-cup Sex Doll – Hilda
Hilda is a sister next door, the best-selling adult love doll. Her skin has a soft texture, and her delicate face mimics the realism and luxury of real women. Life size 170cm, high-end doll. The articulated metal skeleton is responsible...
$1,378.00 from $824.00
167cm Real Life Sex Doll Shy Quiet Girl – Sasha
“Sasha likes to come over every now and then to watch a horror movie and fuck your brains out. Apparently, horror movies make her extremely horny. About halfway into a movie she just gets incredibly wet. Sometimes she would suck...
$1,699.00 from $1,459.00
157cm Full Size Love Doll Realistic Sex Doll — Lola
Lola is a beautiful woman who is a mature and charming mature woman. Her feeling is mature, charming and charming. The impressive place is the pair of dimples on the cheek. The feeling of giving people is smiling. Happy, happy,...
$1,600.00 from $1,426.00
150cm Large Breast Big Ass Realistic Sex Doll – RUTH
Hi, I am RUTH. Our bodies fit together as if we were made just for this, to fall into one another, to feel this natural rhythm. With a laugh you lifts me right off my feet, carrying me toward the...
$1,552.00 from $1,339.00
167cm Sexy Big Booty Thick Sex Doll – Geraldine
I think I will wait and not finish my story until the right time comes. I will finish what I started when you send to me. Please hurry! material:TPE head,TPE bodyskin color:dark tanheight:166cm | 5ft5Height:157CMShoulder width: 33CMBust:82CMUnder bust: 67CMWaist:63CMHip:93CMFoot length:22CMNet...
$1,693.00 from $1,450.00
166cm Sexy SuperModel Realistic Silicone Doll – Aure
Aure is SuperModel with a typical tall model figure. She gave a lot to her career. Since she was eighteen, she had never eaten a full meal, just to keep herself in perfect shape. But she has always been insecure...
$1,699.00 from $1,488.00
166cm Big Tits Celebrity Sex Doll— Aida
If you are unfamiliar with the weight of a sex doll but still want a tall sex doll, you need to exercise. Many doll lovers don’t like short love dolls. Love dolls that are close to their height, they will...
$1,699.00 from $1,472.00
145cm Loving French Girl LifeLike Sex Doll – Marie
Marie is a favorite among doll owners. The new 145cm fit body has great features and is perfect in every way to give you the ultimate pleasure.Body measurements:Material: Medical-Grade TPEHeight: 145cm / 57inNet Weight: 28kg / 62lbsShoulder: 34cm / 13inBust:...
$1,519.00 $1,310.00
145cm Sex Doll Solid Molding Realistic Lover – Dreama
Dreama is a gorgeous love doll, standing at 145cm tall with a slim waistline, beautiful bouncy breasts and a perfectly round bum. She’s a small-build girl, so she’s easy to handle weighing in at only 28kg / 62 lbs.Body Measurements:Height:4...
$1,500.00 from $1,300.00
145cm Japanese Silicone Sex Doll Gentle Girl – Meili
Meili is a beautiful gentle japanese girl and she is so realistically gorgeous.She is made of premium silicone, comes with a flexible skeleton in it. You can pose her the way you want, perhaps the pose that pleases you the...
from $1,228.00
163cm Full Size Lifelike Solid Sex Doll – JASMYN
JASMYN’ skin feels so soft and pliable, you’ll lose hours just poking and squeezing her. She’s so lifelike, you won’t be able to tell the difference! She has a robust internal skeleton that allows her to move and position herself...
from $1,320.00
163 cm high quality silicone sex doll—Kimberly
With our sex dolls, you don't have to worry about yourself after a long day; they will greet you with open arms. She will always serve you without a doubt. Before you decide what to do with her, she will...
from $1,329.00
140cm AAcup (Slim) Two-dimensional Anime TPE Entity Doll—Kiko
This young and petite female student goes to school with a schoolbag on her back every day, but dreams that one day she can be the prince she loves, pampering herself, Kiko has the wild side that she maintains and...
$1,510.00 from $1,302.00
140cm AAcup (Fengrun) two-dimensional animation and other large TPE entity doll-Julia
With my silicone love doll, your wishes can be satisfied favorably. The toys currently made are designed to make you fall down and reproduce sucking and that surprising emotion on your head. Just lie down again, recognize the toys around...
$1,510.00 from $1,309.00
140cm AAcup (Slim) Two-dimensional Anime TPE Entity Doll—Peach
She is really good, just like having a complete girlfriend. Peach is our most natural doll, very realistic and naive. Her beautiful skin and wonderful body speak for it all. Beautiful natural-sized breasts and beautiful hands and feet are trimmed...
$1,526.00 from $1,315.00
140cm AAcup (Slim) Two-dimensional Anime TPE Entity Doll—Carol
The sex doll is made of medical silicone material. It is a new type of silicone that can be stretched 6 times the length and is very soft! It has been tested and is safe for humans. The skin has...
$1,562.00 from $1,314.00
155cm Fcup two-dimensional animation TPE entity doll-Eirene
“I’m here to discover my sexual pleasure and to better understand what my body can feel. I’m used to being constantly hit in the club, but I’m ready to find my true love. But I Can’t lie—if I’m conquered, I’ll...
$1,743.00 from $1,312.00
145cm Dcup two-dimensional animation and other big TPE entity doll-Angie
Hi, this is Angie. Since you are here, why don't we celebrate that we are alive and well? If I keep my uniform, will you? My underwear is a little wet. I can also fall into different situations. See these...
$1,638.00 from $1,320.00
155cm Fcup two-dimensional animation and other big TPE entity doll—Jimena
Hello, this is Jimena. My breasts are not silicone monsters, they look real, perfectly shaped, and cute to me. They are in proportion to her small body, the nipples are restrained and well-defined, without opening or stretching. They are the...
$1,630.00 from $1,319.00
155cm Fcup two-dimensional animation TPE entity doll-Kumi
I like watching live music, which is the biggest excitement. Not only can you see people playing, you can also feel it shaking the floor and passing through your body. It drives me crazy, nothing like it! Tell me that...
$1,699.00 from $1,321.00
145cm Bcup two-dimensional animation TPE entity doll-Nala
Nala just made me horny, she was full of sluts. Lisa's big breasts are very realistic, and her whole body is super soft. She is incredible, you will not be disappointed in her, she is our best-selling product so far.She...
$1,645.00 from $1,320.00
155cm Fcup&Hcup two-dimensional animation and other big TPE entity doll—Nikki
Nikki is an introverted and well-behaved girl. She is a girl with a very curvy and bumpy figure. She has short brown hair and fair skin. She likes black things. She looks sexy in a black bra and black stockings....
$1,699.00 from $1,312.00
155cm Hcup two-dimensional animation TPE entity doll-Tina
Tina likes to stay away from seriousness and domineering, and just like to be your bad girl. She is disappointed with any ideas you might have and can handle almost anything. Enjoy a crazy and wild night with this sex...
$1,685.00 from $1,316.00
145cm Bcup two-dimensional animation TPE entity doll-Sara
I like to explore new things. I am healthy, active and like to have fun! If you explore me too, I will like it. I am made of super soft and super realistic TPE material, which is amazing to the...
$1,689.00 from $1,330.00
140cm AAcup (Slim) Two-dimensional Anime TPE Entity Doll—Meuia
Our beautiful sex doll Meuia is an anime sex doll. Media's soft skin, smooth curves and natural luster make her a favorite among doll lovers. Ask her to go out for a delicious Asian dinner, or watch Netflix and relax...
$1,563.00 from $1,311.00
140cm AAcup (Slim) Two-dimensional Anime TPE Entity Doll—Annalize
Annalize said, "I like'big' men. They make me feel worthy of working hard as I want. I will always come back for another round of "happiness"... Whatever you want, you can be on my lips, Found on my breasts, and...
$1,533.00 from $1,309.00
145cm Bcup two-dimensional animation TPE entity doll-Coral
Coral was dressed for success, well before she came to the Dirty Knights Sex Doll HQ office! We had her quickly strip down to the “bare” essentials to take the beautiful photos of this sex doll's perfect body. Wow, what...
$1,623.00 from $1,313.00
155cm Fcup&Hcup two-dimensional animation and other big TPE entity doll—Faith
Faith is a beautiful Thai girl, currently on vacation in the United States, where she plans to improve her English and do some sightseeing activities.Every day, Faith will take a lot of photos, she plans to bring back to Thailand...
$1,673.00 from $1,320.00
145cm Dcup two-dimensional animation TPE entity doll-Shannon
Today, she is wearing sexy short underwear, showing the contours of her perfectly shaped breasts and buttocks. Oh, is that nipple? It must be cold in the office. You will see her hips moving. All you can think of is...
$1,623.00 from $1,311.00
140cm AAcup (Fengrun) two-dimensional animation and other big TPE entity doll—Yonca
Yangka is a cute sex doll, she likes to play hide and seek. She has never had sex before, so she needs a leader like you to bring her to orgasm. Now kiss her and touch her, and she will...
$1,584.00 from $1,316.00
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