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Why do people buy mini dolls?


Compared with adult-sized sex dolls, small sex dolls have some obvious advantages:

1. Affordable price
Because miniature dolls are smaller in size and require fewer raw materials, the production cost will be lower. Most of the sex dolls in the world come from China, which means that they need to be transported internationally to reach buyers, and the packaging of small dolls is lighter, so the transportation cost will be lower.

2. Lighter weight
The 68 cm miniature inflatable doll weighs about 4.5 kg. Even a 100 cm mini sex doll is only 12 kg, which is far less than the weight of an adult-sized doll. For people who use it regularly, lighter weight means easier use, and you shouldn't want to sweat before you start using it.

3. Lovely appearance
I believe this is also the reason why most of them like dolls. They have small heads, big eyes, and some are flat-chested sex dolls. This is also in line with the aesthetics of some people, and for some lost children, they may want to buy a real model as their spiritual sustenance.

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