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The difference between insertable detachable vagina and built-in vagina


Generally speaking, there are two types of vaginas of real sex dolls: insertable detachable vagina and built-in vagina (also called one-piece vagina). Real dolls with built-in vaginas look more like real women, because this type of vagina is not removable and permanent. Love doll lovers who choose an integrated vagina believe that it can provide the best sense of reality, and to some extent, an integrated vagina is tighter than a detachable vagina.

But there are two things you can't ignore. You can put the vagina barrel inside the doll to form a complete vagina and enjoy different sizes of sexual pleasure. And sex dolls with built-in vaginas will be more difficult to clean. After using it, be sure to carry a real sex doll with you to clean your vagina. If your love doll is heavy and big, it will feel worse. Once the built-in vagina of the doll is damaged and becomes old, you cannot replace her with a new one.

Compared with the fixed vagina, the inserted vagina has some advantages and disadvantages. First, make your doll more durable. The insert vagina is easy to replace, once the detachable vagina is damaged or old, you can buy a new one. But if you have a young sex doll with a damaged vagina, you will need to spend a lot of money to buy a new live doll. Secondly, it is easier to clean and dry. Since the insert is detachable, the cleaning technology is independent of the real doll. It only needs to be gently washed in water and then turned over to dry. Third, the used authentic dolls with inserted vaginas are more likely to be sold out, because buyers can buy new vaginas for the dolls. If your love doll has one inserted into the vagina, then she can easily become a new shemale inserted into the shemale!

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