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The difference between inflatable doll and silicone doll.


With the development of the times, everything is changing, and we are constantly making progress. There used to be many single men, and they all liked to use inflatable dolls. In recent years, as real-life silicone dolls have become more popular and loved by the public, they are slowly transitioning from the era of inflatable dolls to the era of latex doll. So why is there such a change?

1. The real silicone doll is made of medical silicone material. Environmental protection, high elasticity, high strength, high resilience, excellent coloring, soft hand, weather resistance, fatigue resistance and temperature resistance. The only disadvantage is the high price. The high-end TPE materials used for real silicone dolls, plus all-metal frame, mold design and development, head carving, etc., as well as plant, equipment investment, makeup artist, engraver and mold. Waiting for the workers' wages, the price of 1,000 yuan physical silicone dolls is actually not high, and the overall profit is even lower than that of inflatable dolls. Inflatable dolls just use plastic leather. You need to use a gas cylinder to pump the air to achieve the real effect. Because of the feelings in other parts,

2. Real-life silicone dolls, the material is very close to the softness and deformation of the body, the joints are perfectly deformed, the face can be very close to the real person, and even comparable to the real person. It can stand, can be placed in different positions, and its hands and feet can be bent. It allows you to play with it, you can treat her as your own lover, she also has the characteristics of a lover, sexy, charming, beautiful or body to meet your desires. Inflatable doll, as the name suggests, is an inflatable product. It will stand up only when the pump is full. Otherwise, it is just a piece of skin. At first glance, you might feel a bit scary. Because it is inflatable, various postures are also restricted, and the touch is not as strong as a real silicone doll.

3. The whole real silicone doll is solid, not hollow, so the volume is relatively large, and the weight is generally about 12KG to 40KG. A doll like 165cm is basically around 40KG, which is the normal weight of an adult. Then measure the doll in accordance with international standards, which can satisfy the public. The inflatable doll is obviously much lighter, because it is very convenient to carry, so it generally does not exceed 2.5 kg. After all, the workmanship of a real doll is very exquisite, which means that she is indeed a model of a real person. Whether it is hair, hands and feet, even nails, body temperature, or even some real human voices, they are exquisite, and even some capillaries or pores are very realistic and very clear. .

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