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The characteristics of hollow breasts and jelly breasts.


Hollow breast
Since the hollow chest is hollow, it is naturally the lightest weight than others. It is a common situation that life-size lover dolls are too heavy and cause inconvenience to the majority of lover dolls. Especially the big breasted love doll, if you choose firm and jelly breasts, it will be heavier. However, if you choose a hollow breast, it will be lighter, about 3-4 kg.

As mentioned in the advantages of cup limitation, hollow breasts are the softest, but they may not be too soft. Compared with firm breasts, a perfect figure can still feel the shape of dripping milk. After about two years, it is likely to deform and wither.

Jelly breast
The jelly breast itself is perfect, so when it comes to shortcomings, it is more of an external factor. In winter, the temperature in Japan is very low, so it is common for jelly breasts to become a little stiff when there is no one in the room and there is no heating system.

When putting jelly in the breast, the weight is naturally heavier than the other two breasts, and the larger the cup, the heavier it is. Secondly, the cups in the jelly box are also limited. Can't choose a bra cup as big as a melon ball. Another thing is the high price. It is usually set as a paid option on the product page.

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