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Sex dolls can choose to stand on their feet.


When you buy a sex doll for the first time, you may notice the option of standing feet. So what are standing feet? What is a non-standing foot?

This is from the tpe material. The TPE material is very soft. If you buy non-standing petite sex dolls, due to the skeleton inside the pedal, when you let the doll stand, this kind of metal may directly wear the TPE sole.

The standing doll is an extension of the skeleton with three screws on the feet to support the doll's standing. Even with the standing function, the doll may not be able to stand firmly. The three screws at the bottom are just for support, not particularly stable. Because the doll is not like a real person, it has a cerebellum to maintain the balance of the body, so it is still necessary to find a wall or something to make her stand firm.

When selecting the standing function, do not wear stockings to the doll, because the screws may damage the stockings. In addition, when putting shoes on the doll, wear a few more pairs of socks, or use harder insoles, so that the shoes are not easy to break. Of course, there is another way. You can put leather insoles on the doll's feet first, and then put on the stockings. For those who pursue the perfect body, three screws will undoubtedly destroy the integrity of the soles of the feet. If it happens that the doll does not need to stand for a long time, then ordinary feet are best.

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