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Robotic sex doll is the future trend.


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The days of inflatable sex dolls are already gone. For the past few years, the sex doll industry has witnessed the development and improvement of sex dolls into sex robots.

Sex robots are realistic dolls that can be customized to fit the needs and desires of customers. There are times when such dolls are integrated with some artificial intelligence, allowing them to carry a simple conversation.

Moreover, there are a lot of opinions circulating about these new and extremely expensive dolls. In addition, plenty of documentaries have already featured debates about whether sex robots can improve a person’s life or not. Some also argue that sex robots may lead to sexually deviant dystopia.

Yet, sex robot inventors and manufacturers are arguing that these life-like creations cannot cause any harm. In fact, they even suggested that sex robots have the potential to prevent negative outcomes in terms of mental health. It may also help to prevent sexual assault and harassment. Sex robots can do these by offering men a reliable outlet where they can release their intimate heat.

Another much-discussed topic is the benefits that sex robots can bring to people who cannot enjoy a healthful sex life due to various health conditions. Such include disability, erectile dysfunction, aging, or even loss of a partner.

This may be a legitimate claim which can serve as a strong reason for a person to buy a sex robot. However, the researchers warned that the effects may not be what the users expect. For instance, sex robots have the potential to heighten an already existing sense of lack of intimacy. This is because sex robots, despite their capability to talk, move, and smile, are still lifeless. They do not have the ability to reciprocate desire and feelings.

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