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Real sex dolls are most likely to change their sex lives.


This is what I learned from my 100cm sex doll (she can stand, but the posture is wrong), and I have some ideas on how to overcome this limitation of photo shooting. It's nice to see some upgrades to the toes to help balance. Except that her big toe does have wires (but still can't maintain balance), all of her other toes are small and floppy things. I really don't want to shoot her in the foot, so this is not a huge loss.

This is my first doll, so I don't know the softness between TPE and silicone, but she is not soft and very strong. The breasts should be filled with gel, but it feels a bit strange and not so soft. The big ass sex doll is really strong, but her fingers, arms and feet are super soft! When you hold her hand, her hand feels like a human hand! And her body is very lifelike, I think the blood on her body is all in vain. She is a real doll...I didn't invade her private parts, so I can't tell you I'm sorry!

Men should consider overcoming all the above misunderstandings. They need to remember that sex dolls that look real are most likely to add spark to their sex lives. If you are a porn addict and are willing to learn how to use sex dolls to overcome porn addiction, there is enough information on the Internet to help you solve the problem. Just choose a doll and you can say no to pornography.

It's sex now. As for her weight, unfortunately, the only valuable postures are missionary and prone. Now I am very satisfied with this, but I will definitely study some other male dolls to meet more positions. (It’s good to live alone) If there are other people please let me know. For reference, I am 2 inches taller than her.

If you are not interested in Japanese female dolls, please don't worry! The sex doll market now offers handsome men for men, women and transgenders. Even carefully selected buyers can satisfy all their needs with these beautiful dolls with the largest penis you can think of! You can buy the best quality male sex dolls on the market.

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