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How to choose a male sex doll?


While female sex dolls dominate the market, male sex dolls are rising rapidly. More and more gay and bisexual men and women groups are enjoying them. Many people start by watching pornographic videos of male sex dolls and then buy dolls.

In addition to full-size male love dolls, older, simpler, and cheaper options are inflatable male sex dolls (some with vibrating penises) and mini torso with dildos between the legs, called male torso sex dolls.

Some straight men are interested in trying, go to sex doll brothels and rent male and female dolls in the same session. So male, female, lesbian and gay men, they all want to try male real dolls. However, most customers are still members of the gay and transgender community.

The difference between male and female dolls is that male dolls do not have big butts and breasts (unless you explicitly order them), they have a big dick. But this is not the only difference. The girl doll is petite, looks very submissive and easy to dominate. They are highly respected for their soft and smooth skin and shaky breasts and buttocks.

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