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Five methods of sex doll care guide.


The whole body doll is a very expensive toy, worth keeping clean and maintaining. When you get your first sex doll, please learn how to properly maintain and maintain your sex doll before having a sexual relationship with her.

Wig care

When you need to clean your doll's hair, you need to remove the wig and wash it with mild shampoo and conditioner. After cleaning, it is recommended to dry the fake hair on the wig holder instead of using a hair dryer. This can help protect the hair and make the doll's hairstyle rebound and look more natural. However, please do not blow dry the wig on the doll's head, and prohibit the use of hairdressing products, as they may damage her face and skin.


1. Do not immerse the sex doll completely under water.
2. Keep the neck dry, and don't let water enter her body, it will cause bacteria and even corrode internal bones and structures.
3. Dry or wipe your doll with cold air, but don't use hot air, because heating will give off an unpleasant smell and damage the skin of the doll.

4. After drying, you can apply some powder on the doll to prevent friction damage.

Vaginal, anus and oral cleaning

The vagina, anus, and oral area of ​​the doll should be cleaned every time it is used to prevent bacteria from growing. You can wipe the skin with a wet microfiber cloth. It is strongly recommended to use a vaginal douche to clean the vagina, anus and mouth by rinsing with mild antibacterial soapy water. Remember, it cannot be sterilized. Therefore, the use of bleach, rubbing alcohol and boiling water is prohibited.


We know that most of you prefer to dress up your love doll to keep her sexy and beautiful. So wash your clothes before dressing. The new clothes may have dye, which will stain your doll. Therefore, please make sure that the clothes have been washed and there is no possible dye to stain the skin.

Storage and placement

1. Keep away from sharp objects.
2. Avoid direct sunlight to prevent material aging.
3. Keep away from dampness and keep dry to prevent the growth of bacteria.
4. If you have enough budget, you can find a space or buy a closet with professional hangers and hooks to prevent deformation and dust.

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