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European "robot brothels" are booming! Customers said: Experience is more comfortable than real people!


In a "robot brothel" in Barcelona, ​​Spain, such a shameful plot never stops.
Yes, you are not mistaken. When you talk about an inflatable girlfriend and you have to cover up, people have already prospered a robotic sex doll.
In these brothels with different styles, users only need to pay the corresponding service fee to bring their favorite robot into the room to play.
If there are enough trenches, you can call a few more to party together.
How realistic is it?

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Look, their muscle skin is made of TPE or medical silicone, and the texture is very delicate, no matter whether it is touched or pinched, it is no different from a real person. The inside is a flexible and flexible metal framework.
It is made in full reference to the bone structure of the human body, so the head, torso, hands and feet can be bent freely, which can absolutely satisfy any posture you want! Some advanced ai sex dolls are even equipped with an artificial intelligence system. They can chat in the blink of an eye, and they can say a few words that are not ashamed or embarrassed.

robotic sex doll,ai sex dolls,adult male sex toys

In Ireland, a robot brothel rents out sex dolls to its clients for 100 euros per hour.
When customers arrive, they will be taken to a dimly lit room, where enthusiastic robots will lie on the bed and wait, and a variety of special props and sex supplies are also prepared in the room.
"They are not afraid of being tired because of safety and hygiene, and the experience is much better than real people," one customer said after enjoying it.
Indeed, compared to real humans, sex robots are more secure in terms of safety and health while ensuring close experience. They can effectively curb the spread of STDs and AIDS, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone.
Not only that, some studies have shown that non-real sex services also have potential therapeutic value for people with social and physical disabilities.
The owner of a robotic brothel in Ireland claimed that 30% of their customers have barriers to interacting with the opposite sex, and this new experience can help them alleviate their psychological problems and significantly reduce their guilt.

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