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About the jointed fingers of sex dolls.


Articulated fingers, also known as mechanical fingers, also known as hand skeletons. The design of this function is great; if the doll's hand has no bones, the fingers and palms will only appear soft and weak. With the built-in hard metal material, the doll's fingers can be roughly like human beings. However, the problem also occurs with metal bones. You know, fingers are thin and fragile, and the metal frame covered by the material (TPE/silicone) is limited and soft, and cannot be as thick as an arm. Long-term wear and tear caused by gravity, force, and frequent bending (for example, if your best love sex doll stays in the doggy style for several hours, the palm and fingers will bear a lot of pressure), the metal inside will definitely keep friction I tore open the soft material, and finally broke my finger.

The articulated fingers are excellent in reality and user experience. But it may be the most vulnerable part of a sex doll. We (sexdoll shop) have been improving the design, trying to make it more durable. As of now, the latest version has a better finger side, which is the typical torn part before. If you bear too much, there are still risks at your fingertips. Please suggest correct use, we will do better.

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