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We promise that we will provide 100% the same doll as the following picture. Our Store-BULULU provides the dolls with high quality and refuses to manufacture the dolls with low quality all products in our store have passed the CE certificate. The Sex toys provide you with the functions and services of a spouse or spouse or partner and provide all joys for you in your bedroom. Bululu sells cheap sex dolls.Your spouse or partner sometimes can't satisfy you when you want to take action in the bedroom. Thus, the best solution is to use silicone dolls. Please keep in touch with us if you have any queries in order to ensure you will get the satisfactory and dream dolls. Thank you!

Featured Selections

158cm Human Size Obesity Huge Ass Big Chest Black Sex Doll – Malicia
Malicia is a flawless, bold, fat body with a big breast and big butt doll. The plump body is her greatest asset – but for a realistic sex doll it is normal. Malicia is a sex doll with a huge...
$1,089.00 from $889.00
156cm Hot Sex Hairy Pussy Big Tits Adult Sex Doll – Becca
Becca is a sexy girl with huge tits and big butt. Her sexy body is made of medical-grade Medical Silicone TPE material, which is soft and silky that feels just like a real girl. With the robust articulated internal skeleton,...
$1,060.00 from $860.00
165cm Sexy Curvy Sex Doll – Miyala
You can call it Miyala, Gently open her eyes, she is attracted by things, her eyes are full of pure and elegant. Men will be full of excitement generated by her lowering head. Today, you come to see her. If...
$1,166.00 from $866.00
170cm Beautiful and Sexy Teacher Sex doll – Kjerstin
Kjerstin chuckled and lifted his long skirt to cover his face. I saw the beast’s mouth between her legs.She hooked her leg and the beast’s mouth immediately swallowed my penis. I entered the middle of bright darkness. I was madly...
$1,239.00 from $939.00
170cm Silicone Sex Doll Cute College Student Girl – Jennifer
Calista loves to read, and she has a very vivid imagination that is always taking her on strange, wild adventures in exciting new places.You’ll be surprised to know that Calista is still a virgin! “I don’t have any practical experience...
$1,240.00 from $940.00
170cm Full Sized Realistic Silicone Sex Love Doll – Felcia
Best Selling Full Sized Realistic Silicone Sex Love Doll – Felcia 170cm, adult gifts are made to the most noteworthy quality to guarantee our clients are 100% satisfied. Free Shipping Worldwide.Felcia meant to satisfy you and make you have an...
$1,250.00 from $950.00
170cm Thai Fashion Journalist Beautiful Sex Doll – Violet
Violet is a Thai influencer, a fashion journalist, and a cam-girl. Don’t let those fashion sexy underwear and that innocent smile fool you, when it comes to the next generation of slut she’s a star in the making. Violet plays...
$1,255.00 from $955.00
164cm Christmas Real Gril Live Sex Doll – Yaritza
Hot Christmas Sex – It was Christmas time, you whispered my name:Yaritza as our bodies touchedSlowly, we became entwinedour hearts fusing into one, while our bodies movedto the rhythmic sounds of the murmurs of sweet nonsense in our earsYour tongue...
$1,155.00 from $855.00
164cm Pleasure Sex Doll Real Doll Full Body Silicone – Natalie
Natalie doesn’t have the biggest boobs. but she has the prettiest face ever. She participated in several local pageant competitions, despite not winning the top prizes. She did get the most photogenic prize. She realizes her beautiful face is the...
$1,157.00 from $857.00
164cm Basketball Cheerleader Silicone Sex Doll – Neytiri
Neytiri is a beautiful basketball Cheerleader in Los Angeles city. With an angle-like Asian face, she is so innocent and adorable.Her skin is made from the highest quality Medical Silicone TPE material available. That’s why her skin is so soft,...
$1,155.00 from $855.00
161cm Realistic Vagina Anus Oral Fuck Silicone Sex Doll – Mia
Mia Self introduction: I’m your dream playmate, and I’m all yours. Go ahead and touch my soft and supple body.Mia is a Sex doll that meets all the needs of adults. She is 165cm tall. She has a very pure...
$1,138.00 from $838.00
165cm Life Size E-cup Green Elf Realistic Sexy Doll – Carey
Carey is a beautiful green elf sex dolls with a tall size, 165cm and a weight of 32kg. The model of this realistic love doll in the bululu store is wearing green hair and green dress. She has a beautiful...
$1,167.00 from $867.00
165cm Seductive Slut Sexy Sex Doll – Abigail
Abigail is so seductive that everything looks good on her! She can be in any role just for you. Blow up your senses and meet this sexy girl. She will not leave you indifferent. She is ready for you and...
$1,164.00 from $864.00
165cm Full Body Nurse Hyper Realistic Sex Doll – Jaleh
Nancy is a petite and cute Nurse. She wears a sexy nurse outfit and exudes a charming charm that can save your life. Every part of her body has been carefully carved, like a gift from heaven. She is kind...
$1,166.00 from $866.00
165cm D Cup Life Size Real Sex Doll – Carolina
Carolina is a very sexy and realistic sex doll. She has reddish-brown hair, sexy red lips, and pink clothes. This is enough to show that she pursues beauty and likes to dress sexily, thus attracting men’s attention. So that I...
$1,165.00 from $865.00

BULULU's lifelike and cheap sex doll buying guide

Before buying sex dolls, I hope this buying guide can help you. As manufacturing technology improves, life-size sex dolls look more like a real woman, whether it's makeup, skin contact, or sexual experience.

Therefore, how to find a suitable and cheap sex doll?

First, you need to consider the size of the doll. BULULU provides Cheap sex dolls in different shapes and sizes. You can buy realistic sex dolls according to your actual needs.

If you don't have a good place to store and hide your doll, or if you want a more compact sex doll, you can buy a Cheap sex doll of 130-145 cm.

In addition to height, you can also consider the size of your breasts. If you prefer big breasts, then BBW Sex Dolls from BULULU is your best choice. Not only is it lifelike, but the price is easy to accept.

Finally, before you decide to buy a sex doll, you still need to consider the price, right? If you have enough budget, you can buy high-end sex dolls. Although these expensive sex dolls have a more realistic appearance, but the same service life can not make you spend money to get a more lasting and beautiful experience. Of course, you can also get a more affordable sex doll. These cheap lover dolls can still make people feel very real, and the quality is not much different from that of high-priced sex dolls. There are also various colors and styles. No matter what styles of life-size dolls you need, BULULU will provide you with the best quality and cheapest love dolls. Each of our sex dolls has realistic makeup and skin guarantees, giving you the most authentic sex experience.

most realistic sex doll pictures

#Featured On Ella

Big Booty Sex Dolls

If youre into the thickest things in life a chubby sex doll might be just what you are looking for. Whether you are tired of searching for love or you just want a little no-strings and no-commitment side action with a hefty helping of curves BULULU chubby sex doll selection has everything you need. Let us introduce you to the powerful proportions of Tiffany. Or maybe you like to meet Natasha with her soft features and subtly seductive qualities. Large breasts plump tushes tantalizing tummies. Whatever you crave our chubby sex dolls can provide. Plus shipping is always free and discreet so you never have to worry about nosy neighbors. Browse our full figured chubby sex doll collection & dont forget other male sex toys like pocket pussy sex toys

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Teen Sex Dolls

Our teen sex dolls bring to life just about any fantasy you can dream up. A teen sex doll evokes the image of youth and curiosity all bundled into a body type that celebrates these years like no other. Our teen sex dolls are built on a fully posable skeleton frame with TPE silicone polymer skin that feels as close to the real thing as science can allow. Choose from fiery redhead, demure brunette, or a blonde California dream combined with a vast assortment of skin tones, body types, and sculpts to make our teen sex dolls your own. Remember to check our cheap sex dolls collection as well.

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Anime Sex Dolls

Anime sex dolls are the perfect way to explore your fantasies of this genre of animation and Japanese culture. Known for type of animation that exaggerates movement, emotion, and expression, anime goes beyond artwork and applies itself to a lifestyle and aesthetic that has drawn millions of fans worldwide. Your anime sex doll is like having your dream waifu come to the real world. With exaggerated features such as eye shape and color, breast size, and lithe body dimensions, our dolls have life-like skin and weight that feel as close to the real thing as you can get. Add some vampire teeth, cat ears, or other accessories to celebrate the youthful image of anime heroines with your realistic fantasy sex doll!

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Frequently asked questions about sex dolls.

1. What kind of dolls do you provide?

Ans. We provide a series of dolls that suit your preferences, needs and requirements. For example, we provide silicone dolls, tpe dolls, curvy dolls, flat breasted dolls, dolls according to height, such as 157cm sex dolls.

2. What are the benefits of buying silicone love dolls?

Ans. The following points illustrate some of the main benefits, Boost your self-confidence, Avoid any risk of unintended pregnancy or venereal disease, Add interest to your sex life, Helps control ejaculation and premature orgasm.

3. How to customize your bbw sex doll?

Ans. First, we need to know what kind of doll you want to make. You just need to send me photos, and we can sculpt human faces based on photos of real people. Secondly, we can shape its shape to the size you want. Whether it's big breasts, small breasts, big ass, or small ass. The vagina can be freely made into a movable vagina and a fixed vagina. The detachable vagina is easy to clean, and the fixed vagina is realistic, which is a good choice. With standing feet and non-standing feet, you can stand independently, without standing, you can sit or lie down, just like your perfect lover.

4. The quality of sex dolls.

Ans. We promise that we will provide 100% dolls that are the same as the picture below. Our shop BULULU provides high-quality dolls and refuses to produce low-quality dolls. All products in this shop have passed CE certification. The most authentic sex doll. My best TPE and silicone sex doll sex toys provide you with the functions and services of your spouse or spouse or partner.

5. How to use sex dolls correctly.

Ans. It is very easy to use adult realistic dolls. The dolls are all yours. So, you can love her as you want; use lube or saliva for a more erotic sexual experience. Then there are vaginal sex, anal sex, and oral sex with dolls. We include the depth of each doll's vagina, anal sex, and oral opening on our website. Be sure to choose a doll that fits the size of your penis.

6. How long does it take for sex dolls to reach my home?

Ans. We promise to deliver as soon as possible and will inform you of the estimated delivery time during checkout. You can rest assured that the doll will be delivered in discreet packaging within the promised time frame.

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Sex dolls are worth buying.

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Life-size sex dolls add fun to your life.

Life-size sex dolls add fun to your life.

Have you ever had a lifelike sex doll? If not, you have actually missed something really pleasant and exciting. Let us face the fact that every buyer has his own whims and fantasies...
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